Everett Releases Draft Of Plan For Parks, Recreation And Open Space

October 27, 2021

Everett Government

What do you want to see in the future for Parks, Recreation and Open Space in Everett, WA?

The City of Everett, Washington is taking the next steps as it works to lay out the future of parks and trails within the city limits and how it may pay for the ideas favored by residents.
The City has made the draft of the PROS plan available for review. PROS stands for Parks, Recreation and Open Space and the city has been working with consultants to update the plan. It was last updated in 2016.

The City is asking residents to view the draft plan, learn more about the plan and share feedback.

You can learn about the Draft PROS Plan by exploring an interactive StoryMap that combines photos, text, and maps to explain the Draft PROS Plan.

There is also a PROS Plan survey that the City would like folks to take by November 29th. Participants will be asked What do you like? What would you change? What is missing?

This PROS Plan is organized as follows:
▪ Chapter 1 Vision and Goals sets the course of the PROS Plan.
▪ Chapter 2 Inventory sets the baseline of facilities managed by Everett Parks.
▪ Chapter 3 Demand and Needs evaluates the system and the community it serves for gaps and desires found during public engagement process.
▪ Chapter 4 Parks & Trails Plan identifies strategies to meet the community need.
▪ Chapter 5 Capital Plan seeks to provide a system that grows with the community.
▪ Chapter 6 System Management identifies how the Department delivers services, its resources, and opportunities to expand partnerships and funding.
▪ Chapter 7 Recreation reviews trends and gaps of programs and events offered by Everett and other entities.
▪ Chapter 8 Golf Courses evaluates these special use facilities that are a defining feature of the park system in Everett.
▪ Chapter 9 Tree Canopy addresses the value of trees across the community as well as in the park system itself.
▪ Chapter 10 Action Plan includes a checklist of steps to fulfill this plan and measures to evaluate progress.

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