Slight Increase In Everett Transit Service Starts This Weekend

October 22, 2021


It was pushed back about a month, but Sunday Everett Transit will increase service that had been cut during the Pandemic. Here is an overview of the changes.

Click for a printable brochure outlining the changes and providing customer contact information.

Increased Frequency

Service frequency will increase significantly in October for Routes 4, 6, 7, and 29.

Routes 4 and 6 will begin providing 45 and 40 minute frequency through the week.
Route 7 will return to 15 minute frequency from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m..
Route 29 will bring the most significant increase moving to 30 frequency, all day.

Greater Weekend Service

Routes 2 and 6 will see increased weekend service.

Route 2 will begin providing service on Sundays and with the return of Route 6 to seven days a week, transit access will be restored for residents and businesses along the Everett Waterfront.

More trips

In addition to increased frequency Routes 2, 4, and 29 will see an increase in the number of trips provided each day.

Routes 2 and 4 will begin providing one additional trip in the morning.
Route 29 will provide one additional trip in the evening.

Reaching New Destinations

Route 4 will now serve the Riverside Business Park, providing service to a growing commercial sector of our city.

Route 4 will continue to provide service from Everett Station to College Station.
Route 6 will also return to provide transit service to the waterfront.

The Everett City Council is considering the future of Everett Transit and is expected to develop a work group to look at a possible merger with Community Transit. Given that at least three council seats will change as a result of the November election that process likely won’t happen until after the first of the year.

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