City Says 98% Of Everett Fire Workforce Vaccinated Or In The Process

October 18, 2021

Everett Government

Editor’s Update Tuesday 10/19/21 12:45PM:
We followed up with Everett City Administration to clarify a question we were getting on this story. We asked the City: As of this morning have any employees been terminated? Is termination a possibility for those you don’t come to an agreement with by the end of the week and how many people does that involve?
Here is the answer we received:

We do not wish to lose any of our valued employees at Everett Fire. As of now, no fire employees have separated employment, either via resignation, retirement or otherwise, as a result of the state’s vaccination requirement. We are continuing conversations with four employees who either did not request medical or religious exemptions, or could not be accommodated, and who have chosen not to be vaccinated. We remain hopeful we can reach agreement but it’s possible some, or all, will separate employment this week.
Fire truckBack on August 27th we reported on the response from Everett City Administration and Everett Firefighters Local 46 to the Governor’s August 9th mandate that set October 18th as the date that those working in Healthcare including Firefighters and Paramedics who interact with the public, needed to be vaccinated or have an approved exemption. Here’s what they said at that time.

From Paul Gagnon, President Everett Firefighters, IAFF Local 46.
On behalf of IAFF Local 46 Everett Firefighters, we respectfully disagree with the Governor’s mandate and support our members who should have a choice of vaccination without fear of losing their career.

From City of Everett Director of Communications Kimberley Cline.

Mayor Franklin and Fire Chief DeMarco strongly support vaccination as a safe and effective way to protect against the spread of COVID-19 in our community, and amongst our City teams. Overall, 81% of Everett Fire’s uniformed personnel have submitted forms attesting they are fully vaccinated.

We are in the process of negotiating impacts with our labor group and preparing to comply with Governor Inslee’s COVID-19 vaccination mandate. EFD does not currently expect to have staffing shortages as a result of the mandate.

Today we followed up with the City now that we have reached the deadline. Here is what City of Everett Director of Communications Kimberley Cline sent us.

As of right now, no Everett Fire personnel have resigned in response to the state vaccination mandate.

Currently, 98% of Everett Fire’s workforce is fully vaccinated, or in the process of being vaccinated.

We continue to engage the remaining employees in an interactive process and next steps will be determined by the end of this week.

This is an incredibly difficult time for everyone, and especially for those faced with such a difficult decision. Any departure will be deeply felt across the organization. Ultimately this decision is an individual decision and we will respect whatever choices our team members make.

In the meantime, we can assure the community that Everett Fire remains adequately staffed and can meet all the needs for calls for service in our community.


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