Candidate Statement From Tommie Rubatino For Everett City Council District 4

October 10, 2021

Everett Government

Editor’s Note: On September 19th candidates in the November 2nd General Election for Mayor, Everett City Council Districts, Everett School Board and Port of Everett Commissioner were invited to send a statement up to 500 words to introducing themselves to our readers. Not all of the candidates responded but we are publishing unedited statements from those that did reply by our deadline. does not endorse candidates but thinks this is a good way for you to hear directly from the people running. All offices are non-partisan.

Tommie Rubatino, candidate provided photo.

My name is Tommie Rubatino and I am thirty two years old. I have a wife and two daughters, with one on the way. I am a pastor and educator at Northshore Christian Church and Academy in Everett. I have lived in Everett for my entire life except for four years when I lived approximately ½ mile just outside of Everett. My family has called Everett home for 115 years.

This will be my first opportunity for elected public office.

Other Professional Experience Financial Responsibility as a Mortgage Loan Officer; Pastor and Middle School Teacher at Northshore Christian Church & Academy

Education: BA, Grand Canyon University

Community Service I have committed the last five years of my life to serving the people of Everett through free outreach events, consistent mentorship of the next generation, and community leadership. I have also served as a frequent speaker and mentor at Northshore Christian Academy here in Everett and I have partnered with the afterschool program at Horizon Elementary through Casino Road Kids Ministry.

Keeping Everett residents and businesses safe is my highest priority. I can work effectively with other city leaders to make sure the city pays attention to Southwest Everett’s needs and concerns. We can’t do more of the same and expect different outcomes.

We need stronger funding for Southwest Everett so that we have access to safer roads and ensure all major streets in Southwest Everett have sidewalks. We must fund police, fire, and medic services at effective levels and make sure they have the tools to fight crime as well as get the homeless off the streets and into treatment.

Recreational areas and parks must be safe and maintained for our residents.

I will collaborate with our mayor and other council members to be a good steward of your tax dollars. I want to make sure Everett works with Boeing and other businesses to ensure they have the resources to navigate post pandemic and to keep and increase the number of family wage jobs.

Finding treatments to help mentally ill and severely addicted residents is a responsibility that we recognize as elected officials and must continue to support while working towards solutions with other organizations. We must fund police, fire, and medical services at effective levels and make sure they have the tools to get the homeless off the streets and into treatment.

Endorsed by Councilmembers Scott Murphy, Scott Bader, Jeff Moore, former Mayor Ray Stephenson, former City Councilmembers Gigi Burke, former City Councilmember Ethel McNeal, County Councilmember Nate Nehring, Terry Ryan, and many more.

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