Meeting Wednesday To Re-Draw Snohomish County Council Districts

September 19, 2021


Word in on how to participate in the drawing of new Snohomish County council districts based on recently released U S Census data. Everett, Washington is in County Council District 2.

One of 3 options under consideration for District 2.

The Snohomish County Districting Committee has released preliminary draft council district maps based on the 2020 Census data.  The Districting Committee is eager to hear from the public regarding how the draft maps impact communities of related and mutual interest. Maps are designed to serve as a springboard for committee discussion and public input. The next opportunity to provide in-person or remote public comment will be on Wednesday, Sep. 22 at 4:00 p.m.

Every ten years boundaries of county council districts are updated to reflect how populations have changed. The independent County Districting Committee has until Dec. 1 to approve a plan for new council districts.

The draft council district maps currently out for public comment aim to equalize population between districts, keep tribal lands and incorporated cities in single council districts, preserve voting precincts and minimize changes for county residents.

You can view the draft council district maps on the Snohomish County Districting Committee webpage ( ).

Information regarding the next committee meeting for public input is as follows:

What: Snohomish County Redistricting Public Meeting
When: 4:00 p.m. Wednesday, September 22
Where: Snohomish City Council Chambers
Robert J. Drewel Building
Eighth Floor
3000 Rockefeller Ave.

Everett, WA 98201

Virtual option: Zoom link
Other details: View map online for location of the Drewel Bldg. and available parking


Stay connected and learn more
There are lots of ways to get involved, learn more, and share your ideas and comments to the Districting Committee:

  • Public events – Additional public engagement and feedback opportunities will be scheduled and announced throughout the fall on the Committee’s webpage.
  • Email – Comments can be sent via email to
  • Mail – Comments can be submitted by mail to Districting Committee, c/o Snohomish County Council, 3000 Rockefeller, Ave., M/S 609, Everett, WA 98201
  • Newsletter – Sign up for the 2021 Redistricting e-newsletter on the county’s webpage. Select the “2021 County Redistricting” newsletter option from the “Districting” topic.

Recordings of previous committee meetings can be accessed on Council’s meeting webpage by going to the “Miscellaneous” tab under the 2021 Archives. 

About redistricting
Under state law, the council districts created based on the 2020 Census data shall:

  • Be nearly equal in population
  • Be as compact as possible
  • Consist of geographically contiguous area
  • Not use population data to favor or disfavor any racial group or political party
  • Be drawn so that boundaries coincide with existing recognized natural boundaries
  • Preserve existing communities of related and mutual interest

The Districting Committee consists of five voting members. Four voting members, two from each major political party, were appointed by the Snohomish County Council and the fifth member was appointed by the committee to serve as chair. The chair of the redistricting committee is Kurt Hilt. The Democrat members of the redistricting committee are Hillary Moralez and Bill Phillips. The Republican members of the redistricting committee are Jim Langston and Sid Roberts.

For more information about Snohomish County’s redistricting process, public meetings, committee meetings and more, visit

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