Port Of Everett 10th Street Boat Launch Tsunami Warning Siren Not Yet Hooked Up

September 7, 2021



The Tsunami siren at the 10th street boat launch.

Last week we passed along reminders from Everett Emergency Management and the Port of Everett that there would be a test of the new Tsunami Warning Sirens on Monday at 12 Noon. The sirens had been installed back in June. We went down to the 10th street boat launch to record the test but never heard a thing at our location next to the siren . We checked with Everett Emergency Management and the Port of Everett and this afternoon received the following response from Port of Everett Communications Director Catherine Soper.

Here’s what we know:
The Washington Emergency Management Division runs and maintains the statewide tsunami siren network, and is responsible for the monthly testing of these sirens.
The State has not completed hooking up the power for the siren at the boat launch location; it therefore was not included in the routine testing.
The unit at the Port of Everett Seaport is powered up and was part of the routine testing. We just received confirmation from the Emergency Management Division that this unit was included in the test and that “the siren on the pier reported that it did activate as requested.”
Our understanding is that both units will be fully hooked up for the next test.

Here’s more information from the City of Everett’s Tsunami Risk in Everett webpage.

  • The sirens have an audible range of approximately 1 mile, though this varies depending on environmental factors like topography, wind direction, and physical barriers such as trees and buildings. The pole-mounted voice/tone siren is also topped with a blue light for the hard of hearing.
  • The sirens are not intended to be heard indoors. That’s why it’s important to be signed up for tsunami alerts and to have a NOAA weather radio receiver.
  • The siren system is tested on the first Monday of every month at noon; the sirens play the Westminster Chimes followed by an audio message in English and Spanish.
  • The sirens are also tested once a year with the actual tsunami warning wail sound on the third Thursday in October in conjunction with the Great Washington ShakeOut.
  • If you hear the siren wailing sound outside of the Great Washington ShakeOut, immediately evacuate to high ground away from the waterfront.

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