Everett Fire Rescue Swimmers Come To Aid Of Boater In Distress

September 6, 2021

Everett Fire

With an Everett Firefighter rescue swimmer onboard the boat operator brings the boat into shore.

You can see the back half of the boat is filled with water.

The rescue swimmer and boat operator on shore.

A rescue swimmer and firefighter return to lower Howarth Park.

Another of the rescue swimmers involved recovers an item from the water.

One of the two rescue swimmers who went out to the boat in distress.

A man in a small fishing boat reportedly had to call for help and fire flares after his boat began swamping in the waters off Howarth Park in Everett, Washington Monday evening.

About 5:45 PM Everett Fire was dispatched to a water rescue for a boat about 1000 feet from shore that reportedly was sinking.

Several crews from Everett Fire responded to lower Howarth Park while additional firefighters went to the Everett Marina to respond on Marine One.

Two rescue swimmers from Everett Fire swam out to the swamped boat from the shore at Howarth Park.

One of them was able to free the motor from a net that had tangled and that effort allowed the boat occupant to start it and slowly make his way to shore.

One rescue swimmer came in on the boat with him while the other swam back to shore where additional rescue swimmers were standing ready.

The operator was not injured and as of this writing is working to bail out his boat. There did not appear to be any fuel spill in the water.

Here are a few MyEverettNews.com photos taken from Howarth Park. Click to enlarge photo.


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