Tsunami Warning Test Set For Monday Noon In Everett

September 3, 2021


Even though Monday is the Labor Day Holiday the City of Everett says the test of the new Tsunami warning sirens recently installed in two locations at the Port of Everett will happen at 12 Noon. Here’s more.

This is at the 10th street boar launch. A similar siren has been installed at the south terminal.

Everett’s new tsunami warning sirens, located at Jetty Landing & Boat Launch and the Port of Everett Seaport, will begin required routine testing on Monday, Sept. 6 at noon. Community members can expect to hear Westminster chimes followed by an audio message in English and Spanish during the test.
The two sirens were installed by the Washington Emergency Management Division in June 2021 as part of the statewide tsunami siren network. The state runs and maintains a total of 122 sirens on the Washington coast. Required monthly testing will occur on the first Monday of every month at noon, and during the Great Washington ShakeOut in October.
In the event of a tsunami, the sirens will play a wailing sound and a voice message in English and Spanish will instruct people to immediately evacuate to high ground away from the waterfront. Residents, business owners and visitors to the waterfront should be familiar with the tsunami risk, warning sirens and what to do.
City departments, the Port of Everett and other partners are working together on a coordinated tsunami response including signage for tsunami hazard zones and evacuation routes and plans.
The tsunami risk in Everett is mainly concentrated along the waterfront and Snohomish River delta including Jetty Island, marinas and other low-lying coastal areas. Models show wave heights in the Snohomish River delta could be as high as 5.7 feet. Wave heights along the coastline are not quantified in the model, but are inferred and also depend on the tide.
More information about the local tsunami risk and resources for what to do in the event of a tsunami are available at everettwa.gov/TsunamiRisk.


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