3 Learn EPD Impound Lot Not A Good Place To Steal Catalytic Converters

August 27, 2021

Police Blotter

nighttime burglarThree men are in jail this morning after allegedly cutting a hole in a fence at the Everett Police impound yard and trying to steal catalytic converters and prowl cars in the lot.

Shortly before 4 AM Everett Police responded to alarms at the impound lot. Arriving officers saw people in the lot and after using a K-9 to search the area, three people were taken into custody. A catalytic converter had already been removed from at least one impounded vehicle.

The suspects were booked into the Snohomish County Jail on suspicion of burglary and malicious mischief. They are expected to make a first court appearance this weekend.

The vehicle the suspected prowlers arrived in was impounded by Everett Police who at the time of this writing were preparing a search warrant to look for additional evidence and at least one more suspect.

The Everett City Council recently approved a budget request from Everett Police for funds to make security improvements at the City’s impound lot.

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