Everett Council Approves Land Acknowledgement Statement And Adds Indigenous Peoples’ Day To City Calendar

August 25, 2021



The Everett City Council and Mayor Franklin..

Today the Everett City Council approved two resolutions recognizing the role that indigenous people have in the history of this area and how their presence pre-dates by hundreds of years the City of Everett and its residents. The first resolution covered the Land Acknowledgement Statement which reads as follows:

We acknowledge the original inhabitants of this place, the sduhubš people and their successors, the Tulalip Tribes. Since time immemorial, they have hunted, fished, gathered on, and taken care of these lands and waters. We respect their sovereignty, their right to self-determination and honor their sacred spiritual connection with the land and water. We will strive to be honest about our past mistakes and bring about a future that includes their people, stories, and voices to form a more just and equitable society.

The statement is not a boiler plate but was worked on between the Mayor’s Diversity Advisory Board and the Tulalip Tribes. The statement will be read aloud at each weekly Everett City Council meeting.
The second resolution adds Indigenous Peoples’ Day to the second Monday in October which is also the Federal Holiday known as Columbus Day. Here is that resolution:

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY the Everett City Council, and the Mayor concurring That:
The second Monday in October, currently recognized as a federal holiday known as Columbus Day, will also be known in the City of Everett as Indigenous Peoples’ Day. The City Council and Mayor encourage residents, businesses, organizations, and public institutions in Everett to also memorialize and celebrate Indigenous Peoples on the second Monday of October. The City Council and Mayor encourage residents, businesses, organizations and public institutions in Everett to take steps to acquire a more complete and balanced history of this continents and region’s development since the arrival of European settlers, including an understanding of the contributions made by Indigenous Peoples, together with the hardships and sacrifices endured by Indigenous Peoples.

Both resolutions passed unanimously (Councilmember Moore was absent). You can click here to see the full land acknowledgement resolution and summary as presented to the council and here to see the full supporting documentation on the Indigenous Peoples’ Day.


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