Primary Update For Everett Appears To Set General Election Matches

August 4, 2021

Everett Government

After two days of counting, primary voter turnout for the Mayor’s race and two City Council Districts in Everett, Washington is running at 21.74 percent with 13,927 ballots returned out of 64,066 issued.

With few ballots left to be processed it appears that the general election will consist of the following candidates advancing from the primary. (City Council Districts 1, 2, 4 had no primary with both candidates advancing)

Cassie Franklin (incumbent) 8651 (76.38%) *on to General Election
Steve Oss (challenger) 2176 (19.21%) *on to General Election
Ron Wittock (challenger) 399 (3.52%)

City Council District 3
Don Schwab (open seat) 2035 (73.23%) *on to General Election
Lacey Sauvageau (open seat) 507 (18.24%) ^on to General Election
Jacob L. Vail (open seat) 218 (7.84%)

City Council District 5
Ben Zarlingo (open seat) 969 (47.29%) *on to General Election
Demi Chatters (open seat) 576 (28.11% *on to General Election
Kelly M. Fox (open seat) 488 (23.82%)

In the race for Everett School District Director-At-Large Position 4 turnout was 24.02%

Traci Mitchell (incumbent) 10,040 (59.01%) *on to General Election
Charles Mister Jr. (challenger) 3843 (22.59%) *on to General Election
Janelle Burke (challenger) 2988 (17.56%)

The election will be certified on August 17th.

The General Election is Tuesday November 2nd.

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