Everett Mayor Says Ranger Was Wrong To Shut Down Lemonade Stand

August 2, 2021


Common sense isn’t always so common.

On Friday KING 5 television ran a story on a City of Everett Park Ranger shutting down a Lemonade Stand run by a 7-year-old girl in Rucker Hill Park while a homeless camp was allowed to stay. Here’s the link to that story.

As you might guess that created a lot of pushback from the Community and today Everett Mayor Cassie Franklin posted the following on her Facebook Page.

Recent news about the city “shutting down” a local little girl’s (Elsa’s) lemonade stand has been generating calls, vocal concerns and emails from many of you.
I too was concerned as I happily supported Elsa at her stand and was thrilled to see her engaged and active in our community! Unfortunately a neighbor complained about the stand and our team tried to mitigate the concern by asking her if she would relocate her stand. This should not have happened. I and the rest of our city team fully supports young people and their summertime entrepreneurship throughout the city. Our city team member should not have gone on this call and we will better train our staff to ensure this doesn’t happen in the future. And a couple of notes: 1. the other issue reported in this park was promptly responded to and resolved, and 2. Elsa is welcome to my office anytime and I invite her to become an honorary park ranger for our city!

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