No Injuries As Theft Victim Reportedly Fires Shots Near Entrance To Everett Mall

July 24, 2021

Police Blotter

Crime scene tape was up for about an hour outside the Everett Mall.

Everett Police officers collect shell casings outside the front entrance to Everett Mall.

Three circles show where shell casings were recovered.

Around 3:30 Saturday afternoon Everett Police were called to the Everett Mall on a report of shots fired. Arriving officers found one person who told them he had fired the shots. No one was hit but Everett Police recovered three shell casings outside the front entrance to Everett Mall and impounded a gun belonging to the person who reported firing the shots.

Everett Police Public Information Officer Kerby Duncan tells that the investigation is ongoing but initial reports are two men met up outside the entrance at the front of the Everett Mall. They had arranged to meet for one to sell jewelry to the other.

Duncan says the buyer reportedly took the jewelry from the seller and began running away. The seller fired three shots into the air in an attempt to get the man who took the jewelry to stop running. That did not happen.

The person who took the jewelry reportedly left the area in a vehicle. The person who fired the shots remained at the scene. There were no injuries and Duncan says the theft of jewelry remains under investigation.

Duncan confirmed to us that officers will forward their reports to the city prosecutor for consideration of charges on the shooter for firing multiple shots into the air outside a crowded mall entrance. Among potential charges are reckless endangerment or unlawful discharge of a firearm. The shooter was not arrested.

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