Everett Police Looking For Volunteer Chaplains

July 22, 2021

Police Blotter

Another program that had to take a break as things shut down during the Pandemic last year was the Chaplain program in the Everett Police Department. Police are now looking to bring that program back. Here’s the EPD request for volunteers.

Everett Police Department is looking for volunteers to join its chaplain program. Police chaplains are a group of ordained men and women who desire to serve their community by offering support to families and officers during times of crisis.

It is a unique opportunity that offers fulfilling community service, ability to work with first responders during critical incidents, and includes training to prepare you for the service.

Job description:

Works on a volunteer on-call basis
Responds at the request of Everett Police Department to individuals in crisis
Provides a presence, listening ear, and counsel to those in crisis
Performs civil and religious ceremonies
Works as a team with first responders during critical incidents
Provides counsel to Officers and their families
When called upon, connects people in need with their faith community

Fulfilling community service
Opportunity to provide support to officers and families during challenging times
Includes 40-hour Chaplain Training Academy to prepare the individual for service

Ordained by recognized pastoral ministry
Open to all faith groups
On call availability
Ability to pass background check

For more information and screening please contact either Fred Zoeller (fzoeller@frontier.com) or Jack Richards (jack.richards4@frontier.com)

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