Naval Station Everett Participating In Week-Long Earthquake Drill

July 10, 2021


Be prepared for some unusual activity all week at Naval Station Everett as the base participates in the Citadel Rumble exercise. Here’s more from the Navy.

There may be some slight delays at the gate and unusual activity this week.

U.S. Navy installations in the Northwest region will conduct an earthquake response exercise July 12-16. The
participating installations include Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, Naval Base Kitsap, Naval Magazine Indian Island and Naval Station Everett.

The annual exercise, called Citadel Rumble, will test Navy installations’capabilities to prepare for, respond to and recover from an exercise scenario that includes multiple hazards. In this case, simulated major earthquakes will trigger other simulated hazardous events.

People near a Navy installation may see or hear activities related to the multi-day exercise, but this activity is not expected to impact the public outside of Navy property. Exercise activity that could potentially be observed include messages played over the Navy’s emergency notification loudspeaker system and increased emergency response vehicle and personnel activity. The Navy aims to minimize impact to the public as much as possible during such exercises.

This exercise will provide Navy personnel the opportunity to exercise emergency management teams, processes, procedures and partnerships with local mutual aid agencies to be better prepared to respond to real-world disasters. The exercise will also further enhance the Navy’s readiness and ability to deploy forces even under the
most adverse conditions.

The installations, along with their tenant commands, will test various procedures, including damage assessment, evacuation plans, disaster preparedness, recovery and consequence management plans, and accounting for Sailors and Navy families in the affected regions through the Navy Family Accountability and Assessment System.

Citadel Rumble, spearheaded by Commander, Navy Installations Command, is an annual fully-integrated disaster preparedness, response and recovery exercise that evaluates Navy Shore Emergency Management program readiness.


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