Sound Transit “Phasing” Could Bring Light Rail To Mariner Park And Ride In 2038

June 17, 2021


Sound Transit is considering “Phasing” (click photo to enlarge)

Under Phasing Light Rail would come to Mariner Park and Ride in 2038. Everett in 2041. Neither with additional parking.

Some interesting revelations contained in a Sound Transit briefing yesterday to the Seattle City Council’s Transportation Committee.

As part of the briefing on timelines, representatives from Sound Transit introduced the concept of “Phasing” where they adjust projects to what can be done.

It was explained as a common approach used around the country and the world.

A Sound Transit presenter told the committee the idea is building the first affordable portion, then look at completing the project in future phases.

As an example, ST3 envisioned a Light Rail Extension between Lynnwood and Everett opening in one segment. Now they are evaluating a potential interim terminus at the Mariner Park and Ride that would open in 2038.

Light Rail from that point to Everett would still not happen until 2041.

Neither the Mariner Park and Ride nor the Everett Station would see additional parking built at the time the stations are proposed to open. Parking is currently slated for 2046 in all of the current scenarios.

In fact it was stated Sound Transit is considering the question of what the agency’s role is in supporting parking at any of the Light Rail stations.

The Sound Transit Board has another meeting later this month as they work on “re-alignment” and a firmer timeline of Light Rail projects. A formal announcement is expected in July.


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