Demi Chatters Announces Run For Everett City Council District 5

May 20, 2021


Received another announcement from a person declaring their candidacy for Everett City Council. This in today from Demi Chatters.

Demi Chatters, candidate supplied photo.

Demi Chatters released the following statement today announcing her candidacy for the Everett City Council in District 5 and discussing her reasons for entering this race:

“I am excited to announce my candidacy for the Everett City Council in District 5. I am running to bring a fresh voice of advocacy to the table centering the needs of working families and moving Everett closer to fulfilling its promise of providing a high quality of life for all residents. This means prioritizing economic opportunities for working people through development and revitalization of our local industries. It means prioritizing investment in the infrastructures needed for a thriving economy, like our south Everett roads, intersections, sidewalks, and public transit options, in addition to a strong workforce development pipeline. It means prioritizing the development of housing options that are affordable at a range of income and resource levels. It means reaching out to historically underserved and under-resourced populations and ensuring that economic opportunities are not just reserved for the few. And it means balancing the challenges of resolving our structural budget deficit with the need to invest for the future of our growing city.

The Everett City Council has an historical lack of representation of people like me, and the residents are ready to embrace a council that better reflects the diversity of the community. My experience in advocacy work, in the real estate industry, and in public service agencies, combined with my education in Business Administration, provides me with the tools needed to work toward solutions for the residents and businesses in District 5. As a City Councilmember, I will be accessible, accountable, and committed to increasing opportunities for community members to engage in these important conversations. Visit to learn more and to connect with me so we can work together and achieve a high quality of life for all of us.”


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