Machines Take “Bites” Out Of Former YMCA Annex In Downtown Everett

Spent some time this Saturday and Sunday watching two huge machines take “bites” out of the former YMCA Annex which is being torn down to make way for apartments in downtown Everett, Washington. Here are way too many photos. Click to enlarge.

Two machines took turns taking down this wall.

A closer look at the jaws.

Coming in for a bite.

Look a bit like dinosaurs.

Again one holds the wall while the other takes a bite.

This is the alley side wall.

One very big jaw.

A portion of the former sign on the north wall.

Some pieces came off easilly.

This is from Wetmore looking west.

The progress was steady.

One supports the wall while the other removes sections.

It took out about six feet of wall at a time.

The machine worked back and forth along the top.

A lot of wires to deal with.

Looking north from the alley on California.

One piece of equipment supports the wall while the jaws tear at it from above.

A warning not to demolish the Historic YMCA building.

Looking to the south from Everett Ave.

Another new apartment can be seen behind the demolition of the YMCA Annex.


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