Band Instrument Drive In Everett This Friday

May 3, 2021

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Come by Kennelly Keys in south Everett this Friday from Noon – 6 PM with an instrument or cash donation.

May is Music4Life month and this Friday you can help by donating cash or a lightly used instrument to give an opportunity for kids who can’t afford an instrument a chance to participate. We’ve told you about Music4Life over the years but in case you aren’t familiar here is a refresher.

Many people have lovingly used musical instruments in their garages or attics. Every six, eight, ten years, when they get ready to move again, they look at that old trombone, violin or clarinet, and ask themselves, “Why am I still carting this instrument around?”

Music4Life understands that some people have precious memories of their used musical instruments. We don’t want a reluctant giver. What we do want are donors who appreciate the unique value of instrumental music in the life and education of a child — and who want all children, regardless of family need, to have it. And to get the benefits of a full, basic education guaranteed by the state constitution. We want donors who understand that the highest and best use of a long-unused musical instrument is to put it back into play.

Musical instruments come to us that are ten, twenty, fifty years old or more. Music4Life gets discounts from preferred local music repair shops for the professional analysis and repair of these musical instruments, if they can be repaired. Many can be.

Click here to learn more about the Music4Life Everett.

Drop off instruments for donation to Everett Public Schools Music Programs
Friday May 7th 12-6pm
Kennelly Keys Music
7903 Evergreen Way, Everett, WA 98203
All donations are tax deductible


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