Everett Police Chief And Mayor Issue Joint Statement On Chauvin Verdict

April 20, 2021

Everett Government

This came out late Tuesday afternoon from Mayor Cassie Franklin and Police Chief Dan Templeman in Everett, Washington following the verdict in the Chauvin trial in the murder of George Floyd.

Mayor Cassie Franklin, Photo credit City of Everett.

Templeman Swearing in

Dan Templeman took the oath of office as Everett Police Chief in June of 2014.

Today Everett Police Department Chief Templeman and I issued this statement on the outcome of the Chauvin trial:
There must be accountability for those who commit violent acts, regardless of the race, socio-economic status, or office they hold. While there is no outcome to this case that will bring George Floyd back, or mend the pain, trauma and grief of his death, today’s verdict represents our first step toward healing for our communities. As we heal from this tragic event, it’s of utmost importance that we continue to challenge and change systems to ensure justice and equity.

One of a city’s primary responsibilities is to ensure it is a safe place for all to live, work, learn and visit. Having the public’s trust is paramount to achieving that fundamental responsibility; it cannot be attained if people are afraid of those whose job it is to protect them. That trust is earned through fair and impartial policing, transparency, accountability and community partnerships. These core principles are deeply ingrained into the culture of the Everett Police Department. We believe it is only through this trust that we can achieve the legitimacy to effectively protect and serve our communities.

We remain committed to seeking opportunities to improve and reform our policies and practices, to better serve the community and ensure Everett is a safe and welcoming city for all.

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