Tommie Rubatino Announces Bid For Everett City Council Position 4

April 7, 2021

Everett Government

And another announcement in to for a candidate for Everett City Council. This time in position 4. Here is the release in this morning.

Tommie Rubatino. Candidate supplied photo.

Lifelong Everett resident, Community leader, and Educator Tommie Rubatino Announces Candidacy for Everett City Council District 4

With the city of Everett moving to district elections, Tommie Rubatino announces his candidacy for District 4 for the Everett City Council.

“I want to serve on City Council because I believe public safety is of great importance, especially in southwest Everett, ensuring we have a city that is friendly to businesses providing good family wage jobs and making sure that our neighborhoods are safe.” said Rubatino.

The Rubatino family has been a pillar of the Everett community since 1907 and Tommie and his family have been proud to call Everett home for the past 31 years.

Before getting his bachelors degree and choosing teaching and ministry as his profession, Tommie worked in Snohomish County at a family-owned pizza franchise in Bothell, in the mortgage industry, and in the apartment industry in Everett. In all of these occupations, he worked hand-in-hand and face-to-face with people from all walks of life. Tommie is proud to call southwest Everett home and lives with his wife Emily and two daughters.

If elected to the city council, Tommie will prioritize to help make Everett’s neighborhoods safe and secure, address the urgent homelessness crisis, and to advocate for family wage jobs.

“As a teacher, I understand the importance of building a strong foundation and encouraging a growth mindset. Working in youth ministry has given me the chance and the first hand ability to listen and understand individuals and families”

Tommie is proud to have the endorsements of former Mayor of Everertt Ray Stephenson, former Everett City Councilmember Gigi Burke, former Everett City Councilmember and community representative of SMART Ethel McNeal, and many other Everett business and community leaders.

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