Everett City Council Unanimously Amends Start Date Of No Sit-No Lie Ordinance

March 11, 2021

Everett Government

The No Sit-No Lie area is in Council District 1 and 2 shown in blue.

While there are lots of opinions and many were expressed at the Wednesday night City Council meeting in Everett, Washington the real test will be March 17th. That’s when the council votes on an ordinance designed to accompany a Pallet Shelter Pilot Project in the area of the Everett Gospel Mission in the 3700 block of Smith Street.

The ordinance has come under heavy public criticism from those who claim that it criminalizes homelessness. The City has defended it saying it provides both relief for business owners in the area and also will help protect people currently experiencing homelessness who have been suffering at the hands of criminals who target them.

Councilmember Scott Bader proposed an amendment to the proposed No Sit-No Lie ordinance that would keep it from going into effect until the pallet shelter project was up and running. Every councilmember voted yes to that amendment last night.

Here is a link to the ordinance as it will be voted upon next Wednesday at 6:30 PM. Expect a lot of public comment pro and con prior to the vote.


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