Live Wires Down In Surprise Everett Snowstorm

February 23, 2021

Everett Fire

Here’s a short video clip of the wires down on College Avenue Tuesday night.

Live wires were arcing and popping

The wires led to a fire in a travel trailer parked in front of a house.

It began snowing heavily as firefighters waited for PUD crews to arrive.

A PUD Lineman cuts the wires coming from the transformer.

Smoke pours out of the trailer as Firefighters enter.

Quite a light show Tuesday night as a transformer blew sending live wires down along the 4700 block of College Avenue in Everett.

It all began around 7 PM with reports of that blown transformer. Everett Fire crews had to stand by until the Snohomish PUD could cut power. About that same time it began snowing heavily in the neighborhood.

The lines were down directly in front of a travel trailer and near two parked cars. The cars were okay but the travel trailer caught fire. There were no injuries.

About 600 people were without power as Snohomish PUD crews worked to fix the issue.

A reminder that you need to stay at least 30 feet away from downed power lines and always assume they are live. Here are more tips from Snohomish PUD when it comes to downed lines.


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