Everett City Council Approves Acceptance Of Commerce Grant For Pallet Shelters

February 17, 2021

Everett Government

The target for opening is June of this year.

The Everett City Council has approved having the Mayor sign the contract with Snohomish County Human Services in the amount of $1,040,149 for the development, purchase, and operations of the Pallet Shelter Pilot.

The plan is to have 21 pallet shelters set up on land behind the Everett Gospel Mission near 36th and Smith street to house up to 30 people experiencing homelessness. One shelter would be for a caretaker.

Before the project can move forward there must still be a land use process and also a formal agreement with an entity to operate services for the residents of the pallet shelters for a trial period of 13 months.

An amendment to the motion to approve the contract signing was approved by a 5 – 2 vote (vith Vogeli and Roberts voting no) to make sure that a no sit – no lie ordinance will be established for the area around the pallet shelter prior to the pallet shelter project receiving final approval.

The proposed area of the no sit – no lie zone would be the railroad tracks to the north and east, Broadway to the west and 41st street to the south.

Here is the link to the contract with Snohomish County for the grant.

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