Everett Pallet Shelter Plan Coming Together Behind Gospel Mission On Smith Street

February 4, 2021

Everett Government

The shelter site is directly behind the Everett Gospel Mission. Graphic supplied by City of Everett, click to enlarge.

There would be 1 caretaker shelter and 20 for residents. Graphic supplied by City of Everett, click to enlarge.

Back on November 3rd we told you about the City of Everett looking to set up a temporary site using pallet shelters to house people experiencing homelessness.

Pallet shelters would be one more tool to address the issues with people experiencing homelessness in Everett, Washington.

The shelters are small, individual and can be reused and moved.

Last night the City Council received a briefing from City of Everett Community Development Director Julie Willie showing the progress made so far on the idea of a pallet shelter pilot project.

Willie identified a potential site, operating partner and timeline. She also outlined the goals of the pilot program.

Project Goals
• Reduce collateral damage in our City, in particular address impacts around Smith Avenue.
• Increase shelter for individuals with barriers to other shelter
• Address public health and safety concerns
• Provide COET team with resources and safer access
• Provide necessary law enforcement tools for enforcement if needed

Willie told the Council the site would be an undeveloped piece of property owned by Everett Transit that sits directly behind the Everett Gospel Mission at 3711 Smith Street. There would be one caretaker shelter and 20 other pallet shelters that would provide housing for up to 30 people experiencing homelessness.

The Everett Gospel Mission would be the operating partner responsible for running the site and coordinating care, sanitation, site security and connecting the people in the shelters with services.

In addition to the temporary shelter, Willie said the city would also work to develop a “no sit-no lie” ordinance that would address people gathering in the area on the sidewalk under the freeway overpass in the 3600 block of Smith street and that general vicinity.

Authorities can’t move people out of that area unless they offer a place for people to go. The pallet shelters would create that option. If the people say they don’t want to go after being offered help that is available, authorities could take enforcement action.

The pallet shelters offer people a place for privacy, a secure place to put their belongings, a way to stay together as a couple and even keep their pet. All have been given as reasons people have refused assistance from social workers and Community Outreach and Enforcement Teams with Everett Police for going to the current available shelter options.

The cost of the thirteen month program would be just over a million dollars paid for by a grant from the Commerce Department and not out of the General Fund from the City of Everett’s budget. There are still lots of steps and Willie presented the following timeline.

February 2021
• Council to approve the acceptance of the grant and contract with County Human Services–proposed action later in February
• Neighborhood outreach

March – May 2021
• Land Use Agreement / Land Use Application
• Continued neighborhood and community outreach
• Consideration of No sit/No lie ordinance
• Site Preparation/ Pallet Purchase
• Managing Agency Agreement

June 2021
• If approved, Pallet Shelter Pilot to open

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