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January 6, 2021


A note from Leland Dart, Publisher, Editor, Writer, Photographer, etc…

Yep, got my mask on..

I first began on January 6th, 2011. As a former radio news anchor and long time reporter based in Everett, Washington I noticed at that time that fewer media outlets were covering local news and events in Everett.

I knew that people were still interested in what the fire and police departments were doing in their neighborhood and that decisions made by the City of Everett administration and city council had a major impact on people living here. More so than some decisions at the State and National level.

Born and raised in Everett I was familiar with the city and learned reporting from a local legend, Shirley Bartholomew, as a kid just out of Cascade High in the 70s. I also grew up seeing photos of first responders in Everett as captured by the legendary Jim Leo.

Given the rise of the internet and hyperlocal news websites that did not require a major investment such as a printing press or transmission tower, I began

I’ve tried to combine quick storytelling in Ms. Bartholomew’s style accompanied with photos of the scene as Mr. Leo had done. In addition when I can I include links to documents, reports and other information so those that want to take a deeper look can do so to better understand the issue being presented.

As best as I can I try not to take particular viewpoints but just present what happened at the time of reporting knowing that things change. With breaking news the initial reports over the emergency radio are almost always different after a few moments on the scene and things are not always what they appear at first glance. Some things are not reported in real time to make sure all the correct information is verified before being reported.

One of the hardest things about doing is I work alone and do not have an editor or second set of eyes so mistakes slip through. Grammar and spelling issues sometimes happen and readers quickly call me on my errors and I try to fix those as soon as possible and do appreciate the corrections. Being human I sometimes will make a reporting mistake and write down quotes improperly and when that happens I’m quick to own that and make the appropriate correction and apology. does not endorse political candidates or issues and does not have an editorial board. Once in a blue moon I may issue an opinion on something I see but I’d rather present to you what happened and let you decide if that is good, bad or otherwise.

I am however a big believer in our first responders and work to show the hard work the members of the Everett Fire Department, Everett Police Department and Emergency Management personnel do to keep us safe. I focus on Everett, Washington and don’t often report on things outside of the city as then the focus becomes to broad and there are other outlets for that information.

As I begin this 11th year I want to thank all of our readers, advertisers, news-tippers and even detractors for staying with As always I can be reached by email at for your feedback and suggestions. I am a local guy born and raised and living here in Everett. I’m working hard to present information ever day that is useful, informative and sometimes even worth a chuckle.

If you’d like to support this work you can do so in a number of ways. First, by visiting our local advertisers. Rick Merrill and Claudia McClain have been with us since day one. Most others almost as long. Spend your dollars with them and tell them you saw their ad here. If you know of a business owner who wants to support this work and reach people interested in Everett news and events please suggest they contact me at (425) 280-7620.

Finally if you are able and would like to make a financial donation to the effort you can do so at this link. No it is not tax-deductible but does go to help cover hosting fees, taxes, insurance, equipment and gasoline to chase fire trucks.

Again thank you for reading I’m proud to mark ten years providing news, photos and information about Everett, Washington you can’t find anywhere else.

Leland Dart, Publisher

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