Everett Firefighters Getting First Round Doses Of COVID-19 Vaccine This Weekend

December 27, 2020

Everett Fire

Photo courtesy Local 46

This morning Everett Firefighters Local 46 announced that firefighters and paramedics in Everett, Washington were getting their first round of COVID-19 shots. Here’s a message send out on their Facebook page today.

Your Everett Firefighters are honored to be receiving the Covid-19 Moderna vaccine and help slow the spread of the virus. We have had ZERO side effects. No weakness, fatigue, a second head, Bells palsy or zombie like tendencies. NOTHING. We didn’t do it for us; we did it for the people we love: family, patients, friends and coworkers. There are skeptics out there, but we would highly recommend that you get yours when available. This is not a conspiracy. It’s not a hoax. It’s incredible 2020 medical technology from the smartest people with the best of intentions. Have faith in the system! “We’re here for you”


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