Detective Recovers Puppy Stolen From Texas Visitor To Everett

October 29, 2020

Police Blotter

Nice bit of police work here after a woman from Texas has her Australian Shepard puppy stolen while staying at the Motel 6 on Evergreen Way. Here’s the story as reported on the Everett Police Facebook page.

Everett Police Detective Gage and “Nova. Photo credit Everett Police.”

Last Tuesday (10/20/20), a woman visiting from Texas was moving her personal belongings out of a local motel in the 10000 block of Evergreen Way. She put her eight-week-old tri-colored Australian Shepherd puppy named Nova into a kennel in the car – along with the puppy’s mother. After one of the return trips to her vehicle, the woman saw Nova was missing and called 911. Video surveillance showed a female suspect take the puppy from the car and leave in a dark colored vehicle.

Knowing time was of the essence and cases like these are hard to solve, Property Crimes Detective Gage quickly started investigating. Working through the video surveillance and police databases, Detective Gage researched the vehicle and discovered the female’s identity. Yesterday, detectives went to an apartment complex in the 10100 block of 7th Ave SE where they located the dark colored vehicle and contacted the female suspect inside her apartment. Detectives found Nova and the 28 year-old female admitted to stealing the puppy. Detective Gage, with Nova successfully recovered, contacted the owner who had returned to Texas. Nova was entrusted to a friend of the owner until they are reunited in the next couple days. Criminal charges will be forwarded against the female suspect for the theft of Nova and additional crimes.

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