PUD Giving Away Free Entertainment or Bathroom Bundles To Help Save Energy

October 24, 2020


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Snohomish PUD is offering incentives and and ideas for customers as temperatures drop this weekend.

With below average temperatures forecast for this weekend and more workers and students staying home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, keeping energy consumption down is more challenging than usual. Snohomish County PUD offers incentives on energy-efficiency products and easy energy-saving tips to help customers reduce usage and expenses.

The PUD is currently giving away energy-saving bundles to residential customers while supplies last. The Entertainment Bundle includes six LED light bulbs, an advanced power strip and an LED night light. The Bathroom Bundle, which includes four LED globe light, a handheld showerhead, two aerators and an LED night light, is only available for PUD residential water customers. All bundles ship for free. To order a free bundle, customers can visit marketplace.snopud.com.

Energy bills generally increase when temperatures drop because of heating costs. For customers with electrically heated homes, the PUD offers instant rebates to help pay for eligible heat pumps, which offer efficient heating in the winter – and cooling in the summer. Customers who upgrade their heating systems can save up to 50% on winter heating bills.

Through Dec. 31, the PUD is offering enhanced rebates of an extra $500 for ducted heat pump and an extra $400 for ductless heat pump upgrades. Customers must have electric heat as a primary heating source and work must be completed by a PUD Registered Trade Ally to qualify. For more information on these incentives, visit snopud.com/heating.

With the National Weather Service forecasting colder and wetter weather this winter, all PUD customers could benefit from these easy and inexpensive tips for conserving energy during cold weather:

  • Add caulking or weather-stripping to windows and doors. Adding or repairing the weather-stripping on your windows and doors can significantly reduce heat loss and drafts. Celebrate National Weatherization Day on Oct. 30 by improving the indoor air quality and energy efficiency of the home.

  • Practice zoned heating and lighting. A simple way to reduce energy usage is zone heating, or heating occupied rooms only. Customers who have existing baseboard or wall heating should turn down thermostats in unused rooms and close the door. The same goes for lights. They should be turned off any in rooms not being used.

  • Layer up and lower the thermostat. During the day, customers should set their thermostat at 68 degrees. As the temperature drops outside, this will make furnaces work less to keep the temperature comfortable in the home. At night or when they’re away, customers should drop their thermostat to 55 to save as much as 10% on their heating costs. Set smart thermostats at these thresholds to ensure even and efficient heating throughout the day and night.

  • Let the sun shine in. Using the natural warmth of the sun can help heat customers’ homes and give furnaces a break. Customers should open shades on south-facing windows during the day to let the sun in and close them at night to keep the warmth inside.

  • Wash laundry in cold water. By washing clothes in cold water, customers can save almost 90% of the energy needed to run a normal load. Even switching from the warm setting to the cold setting on half of loads can deliver significant savings.

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