Shred Truck In Front Of Everett Courthouse Not Destroying Ballots

No, ballots were not being shredded in Everett today.

From our strange but true file.
Wednesday afternoon a person called the 911 emergency line and asked for Everett Police to be dispatched to check on what the caller considered a suspicious circumstance. Apparently they saw a commercial shredding truck operating next to the ballot drop box at Wall and Rockefeller streets in downtown Everett, Washington.

As we were in the area at the time dropping off our ballot we swung by and checked. No this is the normal place for a shredding truck to pull up in front of the Courthouse and Prosecutor’s office to take out commercial shredding and no ballots were being destroyed. By the way, not really an emergency situation. A friendly reminder, the non-emergency number for Snohomish 911 is (425) 407-3999.

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