Nice Success Story From Everett Police Community Outreach Enforcement Team

August 21, 2020

Police Blotter

A nice story out on Facebook from Everett Police about a successful effort by the Community Outreach and Enforcement Team (COET) which embeds a social worker within a special Everett Police Unit to assist people experiencing homelessness and other issues on the streets of Everett. Passing along for those who don’t follow Everett PD on Facebook.

Officers Campbell, Green and a Norco representative.

Members of the COET team and the woman with her new walker.

A few days ago, an officer with the Downtown Bike Unit told the Community Outreach and Enforcement Team (COET) about an older woman who sat on a park bench almost every day in Clark Park. As the weather has been hot and sunny, the bike officer was concerned about her welfare and asked if COET would check on her. As COET officers spoke with the woman at Clark Park, they recognized she clearly struggled with many complex issues. They also noticed that all of the woman’s personal belongings were tied to the seat of an old walker, which was missing a rear wheel. When asked about the wheel, the woman said she had been trying to fix it because she really liked the walker as it was taller than most and had larger wheels. COET Officers Campbell and Green realized that IF the walker could be fixed, it would be very expensive and they decided a new walker was the only real option.

After a lengthy and unfruitful search, the officers went to Norco Medical on Hoyt Ave where they found a walker that met the woman’s specifications. After hearing why the officers were looking to purchase the walker, the owner offered to “help out a good cause” and sold it at cost. She even helped pick a beautiful bright purple walker! The COET officers returned to Clark Park and presented the new walker to the woman. After a thorough inspection, the woman stating she liked it and now has the ability to walk around town with the help of four wheels.

Huge shout-out from Everett Police to Norco Medical and Officers Campbell & Green who saw a need and helped make someone’s life immeasurably better!!


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