The Items Proposed To Be Cut From City Of Everett Budget In 2021

August 20, 2020

Everett Government


Plans by the Mayor to cut certain programs to save money are not going over well with citizens or some city council members.

Wednesday night the Everett City Council got a briefing on the 2021 budget from the City of Everett administration. Among the topics was a list of “Balancing Options” that are under consideration to reduce the City of Everett 2021 budget by $15 million dollars. Many of these actions were taken earlier this year to reduce the 2020 expenditures. For 2021 the list starts anew so if there is something on this list you want to save in 2021 the Administration would like to know specifically what other city service to cut in order to save what is presented below. The council was told the input needs to be given to the administration within the next two weeks. September 2nd is the next public council meeting where a budget discussion is scheduled. September 16th the Mayor will deliver her budget message plus revenue and expenditure workshop. The City Council will hold public hearings and work on the budget in October and November. Here’s the list presented to City Council.

  • Council Contingency $50,000
  • Administration labor & M&O reductions $676,044
  • Streets labor & M&O reductions $532,484
  • Reduce street overlay budget for loss of car tab revenue $1,500,000
  • Police reorganization & labor reduction $162,166
  • Reduce Jail budget $600,000
  • Reduce contribution to Fund 126 Vehicle Replacement $1,100,000
  • Community, Planning, & Economic Development labor reductions $565,887
  • Engineering labor reductions $181,610
  • Facilities labor reductions $254,057
  • Communications labor reductions $171,289
  • IT/Telecommunications labor reduction $109,750
  • Legal Department labor reductions $330,494
  • Municipal Court M&O reduction $10,000
  • Finance labor reductions $19,303
  • Increase budgeted vacancies from 18 to 28 $1,114,960
  • Eliminate Safe Streets Work Crew Program $112,750
  • Human Needs funding reduction $225,400
  • Library Re-Org/ Labor, M&O, and programmatic reductions $950,000
  • Cultural Arts labor & events funding reduction $267,864
  • Recreation Program eliminations (Classes, Animal Farm, Day Camps, etc.) $565,500
  • Eliminate general fund support of Jetty Island 184,098
  • Forest Park Swim Center closure $490,026
  • Senior Center transition to Non-City funding operating model $555,630
  • Annual Color Flower Program elimination $347,636
  • Suspend LEOFF 1 Pension prefunding $3,886,000

    Total $ 14,962,948

    The city has put together a section for the 2021 budget on their website where citizens can find information and see how to give input. Some food for thought as the presentation wrapped up.

    • If one or more balancing options are rejected, what alternative cuts would be suggested?
    • Will the pandemic continue to impact programs we are allowed to provide in 2021?
    • If circumstances change for the better, Council can amend the budget at any time.

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