Everett Police Handle People With Protest Signs And Guys With Guns On Everett Mall Way

June 1, 2020


The crowd at the corner of Everett Mall Way and Central Mall Drive ranged in size from 10 to about 60

The crowd was biggest shortly before sunset.

A group of men with rifles and handguns head back toward 7th Ave SE after making a brief stop in front of demonstrators at the entrance to Everett Mall.

While there were a few tense moments, things were pretty peaceful and people got their message out Monday afternoon along Everett Mall Way.

The Everett Mall, which had exterior stores and restaurants open over the past few weeks, closed completely on Monday and by 3PM barricades were up across the entrances to the Mall and a dozen Everett Police vehicles were around the area.

People with signs reading “Black Lives Matter” and “George Floyd” lined up along Everett Mall Way at the main entrance to the Mall.

Crowd size varied between 10 and 60 people throughout Monday afternoon into the evening.

Around 5PM Everett Police began getting calls about a group of armed men who were openly carrying rifles and handguns.

The men walked from the area of 7th and SE Everett Mall Way down to the area of those demonstrating.

Everett Police stood between the two groups and after a short time the group with the guns headed back west on Everett Mall Way.

There were no arrests or incidents as of 10:30 PM when the protest wound down.

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