Concerned Citizen Calls Cops On Everett Fire Inspectors

April 18, 2020

Everett Fire

We heard the call on the scanner last week about suspicious men in black shirts looking around the back of a building. Per EFD here’s what it turned out to be.


Fire Inspectors: Bronson Pearson (front), Russell Jack (center), and Mike Wisler (back). Photo courtesy Everett Fire

Hello Everett Residents! Apparently, these three suspicious characters have been scaring some of our residents and giving Everett Police Department some extra job security and fuel for firefighter jokes, as they conduct annual fire safety inspections at multi-family dwellings, which range from duplexes to apartment complexes.

First, please accept our apologies for scaring you, that certainly was not our intent. To ease fear, we would like to introduce you to three of our Fire Inspectors: Bronson Pearson (front), Russell Jack (center), and Mike Wisler (back). To help identify them, they will always be in an Everett Fire Department uniform, as seen in the photo, and they will always be in an Everett Fire marked vehicle, usually like the one in the photo – red pickup with a red canopy, marked as Everett Fire.

If you have any concerns, please ask for their identification. We promise they are friendly, there is no need to hide in the bushes from them. Although they may not shake your hand right now, they will be happy to give a wave or an appropriate social distance air high five!

And by all means, if you see suspicious activity or people that does not include these three, please contact the police department, for emergencies 9-1-1, for non-emergency 425-407-3999.

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