Chief Says Everett Police Won’t Actively Seek Out Social Distance Scofflaws

March 25, 2020

Everett, Police Blotter


Everett Police Chief Dan Templeman.

Today Dan Templeman, Chief of Police in Everett, Washington issued a statement outlining his Department’s approach to enforcing Social Distancing rules.

“The Everett Police Department will not actively seek out individuals failing to comply with the orders solely to charge them with a crime.”

Here’s the full announcement.

“Like many other cities in the nation, we are currently facing a public health crisis. As a department, our goal is to seek voluntary compliance with the orders, to keep our residents safe and healthy. We do not wish to criminalize what would be normal activity at any other time. I believe our community understands the severity of the situation and encourage them to follow the advice of our public health officials. The Everett Police Department will not actively seek out individuals failing to comply with the orders solely to charge them with a crime.

We recognize that people need to go to the doctor, the pharmacy, the grocery store and perform other essential activities. When our officers encounter someone failing to comply with the orders, we will remind them, as appropriate, of the restrictions. No law enforcement agency has the desire to make arrests for violations of emergency orders related to COVID-19.

Rumors of individuals or businesses needing “passes” or “licenses” to conduct essential services are not true. Our communities are in uncharted territory as law enforcement and residents alike prepare to navigate the new restrictions. The Everett Police remains committed to serving and protecting our public during this challenging time.”

Everett Police reminds the public not to call 911 to report violations of the governor’s “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” order, social distancing violations, or individuals outside of their homes. 911 must be reserved for those needing immediate emergency assistance. Everett residents may report concerns by e-mail to

Visit for up-to-date information on City operations and response, program cancellations and closures, as well as additional resources and information.


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