Vandals Targeting Toyota Prius’ Windows In Everett

January 14, 2020

Police Blotter

This in from Everett Police today.


Photo credit: Everett Police

Over the past two weeks, Everett Police received 12 reports of malicious mischief involving windows being shot out of vehicles, specifically Toyota Prius’. On December 29th, nine different victims reported the damage with three additional reports over the past week. The Prius’ were all parked and unoccupied. Officers believe they were targeted as nearby vehicles were not damaged. Based on the type of damage and evidence recovered at several scenes, it is believed a BB gun was used to shoot the windows.
The locations vary throughout north Everett, but span from the 800 block of Wetmore Ave to the 3600 block of Federal Ave.
Property Crimes detectives are investigating these crimes. If your vehicle was damaged, report the crime to 425-407-3999.
Anyone with information about the suspect(s) is asked to call the Everett Police Tip Line at 425-257-8450.

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