No Arrests Yet In Last Week’s Shooting Of Four People In South Everett Apartment

November 27, 2019

Police Blotter

Detective and patrol officers at a crime scene following one of three shootings in Everett last week.

Detectives with the Major Crimes Unit of Everett Police continue to look for whoever is responsible for shooting four people inside an apartment at 120 West Casino Road last week. Three young adult males and one young adult female were shot inside an apartment about 2:45 AM on Thursday November 21st. One victim remains in the hospital the other three have been released.

We submitted several questions to Everett Police this week regarding the shooting and here are the answers received from Deputy Police Chief John DeRousse:

Question: People in that neighborhood are telling us via social media they are very afraid. Does the department or the Mayor’s office plan any outreach to the Casino Road neighborhood in regards to this incident?

Answer: While we recognize that events like these can be unsettling and concerning for our residents, as we previously reported on the morning of the incident, we do not believe any of the shootings to be random and do not believe the public in general is at risk. EPD continues to engage in constant outreach on Casino Road, including our “outreach patrols” that occur weekly. Even though as noted above we do not believe there is any threat to the public in general, we have increased our patrols and visibility along Casino Road, particularly during officers discretionary time (time between calls for service). The south precinct captain will also be attending the next Westmont Holly Neighborhood meeting to provide an update and answer any questions.

Question:Is there a gang connection and what is the relationship between the suspected shooter and occupants?

Answer: This is still under investigation. Initial indications are that the shooting was not a result of gang conflict.

Question: There were 3 shootings within a 7 day period last week. Based on unscientific observations in listening to scanner calls and checking on incidents, overall shootings seen to be down in Everett this year. Can you or the police chief address the reality of shootings in Everett and danger level as opposed to the perception?

Answer: Correct, overall citywide shootings are down 33.3 percent this year (compared to 2018) and drive by shootings are down 57.1 percent (compared to 2018). It appears that in all 3 recent shootings, the participants all knew each other or had connections to one another, in other words, they were not random. Arrests have been made in 2 of the 3 shootings and no, we do not believe the public at large is in danger of being shot.

City wide, shootings and drive by shootings in Everett have shown a significant decrease over the past two years. Additionally, according to the FBI, Everett’s violent crime rate dropped 24.9% in 2018. While this data continues to trend in the right direction, as a city and as a police department, we are always alarmed whenever our community experience a crime of violence. To quote Everett Police Chief Dan Templeman,

“Violent crime and crimes involving firearms are a top priority and will not be tolerated in Everett. I can assure our residents that the Police Department will continue its all hands-on deck approach to investigating these crimes, arresting and holding accountable those responsible for inflicting violence in our community and bringing justice to victims and victim’s families.”

Deputy Chief DeRousse had one other point to add to our questions:

“I should reiterate that despite our crime numbers going down, it probably doesn’t make the people that live at 120 West Casino feel safer. We have worked with many of them during the investigation, and will do our best to make an arrest related to this call so they can feel some relief. We don’t believe any of the neighbors or uninvolved parties are in danger, but also understand that they want to see us arrest someone, so they can be held accountable.” will continue to follow up on the case and pass along any news of arrests or other developments as that information is made available.

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