Everett Planners Holding Workshop Tuesday On Supportive Housing In Single Family Zones

September 15, 2019

Everett Government

The project that started this discussion is in the 3600 block of Grand.

As the City of Everett’s zoning code changes to accommodate increased growth, the single-family zone is facing encroachment from many directions.

Recently the desire of Housing Hope to build supportive housing on publicly owned land for students of families experiencing homelessness led to a moratorium on any applications for that use. City of Everett, Washington city council members called time out after objections were raised by neighbors of the proposed project slated for the Port Gardner neighborhood.

On Tuesday night September 17th the Everett Planning Commission will hold a public workshop to go over options for dealing with a number of issues brought out by the recent Housing Hope proposal. Those issues include.

  • Should supportive housing continue to be allowed on publicly owned properties in single family zones?
  • What types of supportive housing and how would their management plans be structured?
  • Should public notice be mandated earlier in the application process?
  • What should the off-street parking requirements look like?
  • Should the sidewalk network in the surrounding area be modified to accommodate the facility?
  • What access and proximity to transit and public transportation be required if any?
  • Should there be limits to building height and density?
  • Should social services be required on-site or within a certain distance of the facility?
  • Should the project review process be through a hearing examiner or should the city council have to approve?
  • Should the definition of “supportive housing” be updated or changed?
  • How much open space-green space would be required for the facility?
  • Should impacts to the neighborhood be considered and what are the criteria or standards?

    You can see the packet of supporting materials members of the Planning Commission will be reviewing which includes photos and examples of items being discussed.

    The meeting will be held in the City Council chambers at 3002 Wetmore in downtown Everett starting at 6:30 PM. It will also be broadcast on the City of Everett cable channels as well as online via the City’s website.

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