September 17th Is Date For West Marine View Drive Closure

September 6, 2019


Word in from the City that West Marine View Drive on the Everett, Washington waterfront is set to close for 10 days beginning Sept. 17th.

Pedestrians will also have to stay clear of the bridge lift area.

For preparation and placement of the Grand Avenue Park Bridge, The City of Everett’s contractor, Interwest Construction Inc. (ICI), will close West Marine View Drive (WMVD) Tuesday, Sept. 17 through Thursday, Sept. 26. The closure will occur between 13th and 18th Streets, the area where the bridge span was constructed and is now staged.

“Now that we know the dates of the closure, we are doing our best to get the word out that you can still reach your waterfront destinations,” said Heather Griffin, City of Everett project manager. “We have a lot of helpful tools available on the City’s website to guide visitors to wherever they need to go.”

Message signs are in place both directions on WMVD, and as the closure nears, additional navigation signs will be placed further out in the traffic network. Despite the closure, there will be continuous access to all parts of the waterfront.

Placement of the bridge is completely dependent on Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway’s (BNSF) approval of a train-free window. BNSF makes their decisions based on the needs of their freight network, and the timing of the window is subject to change depending on the railroad’s needs.

The bridge will carry storm drainage and sewer pipelines across a steep slope, BNSF railroad tracks and West Marine View Drive. It will replace deteriorated underground pipelines on landslide-prone slopes, and make the pipelines more accessible for inspection and maintenance. The bridge will also provide pedestrian access from Grand Avenue Park to the waterfront. More information about the Grand Avenue Park Bridge project, including the latest images and navigation resources, can be found on the project webpage

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