Everett May Add Protections To Emergency Rooms And Clinics

August 4, 2019

Everett Government

A law originally intended to protect women’s health clinics may soon apply to all medical facilities in Everett.

The City of Everett, Washington is considering having protections originally passed in 1993 to protect women’s health clinics apply to hospital emergency rooms and other medical clinics and facilities throughout the city.

One of the reasons cited in briefing papers being presented to the Everett City Council this week is the example of gang members showing up at the emergency room and engaging in disruptive behavior after one of their members is being treated at the health care facility.

The proposed ordinance would make it a gross misdemeanor to:

  • Physically obstruct or impede a person entering or leaving the facility
  • Making noise that unreasonably disrupts the peace within the facility
  • Trespassing
  • Repeatedly telephoning the facility
  • Threatening to inflict injury or knowing allowing use of your phone for someone to threaten

    The crime is listed under State statutes at Interference with a Health Care Facility and the City would incorporate it into the Municipal Code to allow prosecution at the local level.

    Here is the example ordinance being presented this week to the Everett City Council.

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