Earthquake Shakes Everett Awake

July 12, 2019


4:00 AM Update: The earthquake magnitude has been adjusted to 4.6 with an aftershock at 3.5 a few minutes later. Epicenter in the Three Lakes area near Monroe.



Initial update 3:21 AM: Lots of reports in from folks awakened by an earthquake this morning. Early indications from USGS show a 4.4 magnitude quake east of Everett, Washington. It was reported at 2:51 AM. Lots of alarm reports coming across the scanner but no damage to report yet. The lines at Snohomish 911 were flooded and we’d like to remind you only call in an emergency do not call 911 to ask if that was an earthquake. More information as it becomes available. The non-emergency number is 425-407-3999.

Here are a couple of tips from the Everett Office of Emergency Management.

Do you know what to do when you are in bed during an earthquake? Do not get out of bed. Lie face down to protect vital organs, and Cover your head and neck with a pillow, keeping your arms as close to your head as possible, while you Hold On to your head and neck with both hands until shaking stops. You are less likely to be injured by fallen and broken objects by staying where you are.

Otherwise, #drop to your knees, take #cover under a sturdy desk or table, cover your head so that you are not injured from falling debris, and #holdon to the leg of the table or desk so that it doesn’t move away from you.

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