Public Comment Period Open On Student Housing Project By Everett CC

June 27, 2019


student housing

A perspective from Broadway of the east side of the building.

student housing

A look at the west side of the building from the south looking north.

We told you a couple of years ago about plans by a developer to build student housing on Broadway at the site of a Chinese Restaurant at 1020 North Broadway.

Koz Development, which first built student housing in cooperation with Everett Community College back in 2015 planned this building on their own and actually ran into opposition from Everett Community College. While the Chinese Restaurant was torn down and the property empty, the folks at Koz Development have been revamping plans for the development.

Here’s more from a notice put out by the City of Everett Wednesday advising of a public comment period on the revised project.

This notice is to inform you of the public and agency comment period for this development application.

Application: On 4/22/2019, an application was submitted to the Office of Community Planning Economic Development. The application was determined to be complete for purposes of processing for public review on 6/24/2019.

Applicant: Joshua Scott, 1830 Bickford Avenue Snohomish, WA 98290
Project Location: 1020 N Broadway

Project Description: The project has been revised to include a total of 124 units of student housing on five levels (four floors residential over one floor parking), no commercial space, and 59 parking stalls. A mechanical lift system would be used to stack parked cars vertically. Access has been modified to a single driveway from main Broadway.

A modification of the City’s zoning/development standards is requested under EMC Chapter 19.31A.040, including roof form for residential buildings; ground level transparency; weather protection; and ground level details.

Required City Permits: Land Use Approval, Public Works, and Building Permits

Existing Application Documents: The application and proposed building plans and other information necessary to analyze this proposal are on file with the Office of Community Planning and Economic Development and may be reviewed at 2930 Wetmore Avenue, Suite 8-A, Everett, Washington.

Public Comment Period: Written comments on the application and the proposed MDNS are solicited and must be received at the Office of Community Planning and Economic Development, 2930 Wetmore Avenue, Suite 8-A, Everett, Washington by July 12, 2019. Any person who submits written comments will receive a copy of the notice of decision. If you have any questions about this proposal, please contact David Tyler at (425)257-8731 for

Applicable Development Regulations:
 The proposal is subject to the City of Everett Zoning Code, Public Works Standards Manual, Stormwater Manual, and International Building and Fire Codes. We strive to provide special accommodations for individuals with disabilities. Please contact our office at least one week prior to the scheduled event if special accommodations are needed.


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