Everett Burglar Plays Losing Game Of Chutes And Ladders

June 17, 2019

Police Blotter

Photo credit: Everett Police

It took the combination of a camera system, K-9, Ladder Truck and several cops but a burglar who first made a phony call to 9-1-1 is behind bars after an early morning break-in at Alfy’s Pizza on Broadway Monday. Here are the details as related by Everett Police.

Very early this morning officers were dispatched to the report of an alarm at Alfy’s Pizza where the roof hatch had been tripped. Officers arrived on scene and found a pallet against the building next to the overhang at the east entrance. One of our officers called the business owner, who checked their cameras and saw a male crawling around inside.

Everett Fire Department was called to the scene so that officers could use the ladder bucket to view the roof while they waited for the key-holder. After receiving the key, K9 Baron was used to search the building. They discovered that the suspect had been stealing money from the tills, and located signs that they had entered the attic space on the south side of the building.

Officers used EFD’s bucket and a special camera to try and see the suspect but could not locate him, so K9 Baron was deployed into the attic. The suspect made it back to the south roof hatch and was able to get back onto the roof. Officers on the ground saw the suspect do a quick peek over the edge so a team and K9 unit were deployed onto the roof via EFD’s bucket.

Once on the roof, officers found evidence that the suspect had accessed the attic via a roof top hatch. K9 warnings were given and the suspect eventually gave up and was transported off the roof by the bucket. Officers found out he had called in a residential burglary/kidnapping at another location in the city while the initial officers were setting up around Alfy’s (nice try!). The suspect was booked into jail for burglary and false reporting.


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