Everett Fire Department Using Decals To Mark Pride Month

June 14, 2019

Everett Fire


This decal is on Engine 1 this month. Photo credit Everett Fire Dept.

The Everett Fire Department has put special decals on their rigs to mark Pride month. We asked Everett Fire Chief Dave DeMarco about the decals.

The display of the pride decal for the month of June is a statement of inclusion. It falls in line with our chosen values statements, one of which is respect. The behaviors represented by the term were defined by all our members:


· We recognize the dignity of the people we work with and those we serve

· We communicate with humility

· We hold each other accountable

· We speak directly and avoid gossip

· We care about each other

· We serve others before serving ourselves

· We listen actively

· We value the needs of others

As an organization with a diverse workforce, serving a community of diversity it is important that we represent the value of respect by actually living those behaviors. In this case, we are recognizing the dignity of the LGBTQ community by displaying a symbol they recognize as supportive and welcoming.

As an organization, we must recognize the challenges faced by a wide range of minority groups. The message behind this display is not a political one; it is a message of welcome. By displaying the pride symbol, or any other symbol supportive of groups who have been historically discriminated against, we are telling the community that we respect them, that they are welcome here.

My hope is that our members are willing to stand up to be seen and heard living the values they have chosen by demonstrating support of all minority populations, regardless of any individuals lifestyle or belief system. The stickers in the apparatus will remain as a sign the Everett Fire Department is a safe place for all.


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