Shots Fired Call In Valley View Tuesday Was Shootout Between Step-Father And Son

May 30, 2019

Police Blotter


Crime scene tape surrounds a house in Valley View Tuesday night.

Everett Police and Providence Hospital Security look over a truck parked next to the hospital on Colby Tuesday evening.

On Tuesday we told you about Everett Police being called to a home in the Valley View neighborhood east of I-5 near the 75th street overpass for a report of a shooting. Today a 51-year-old man is in jail on $250,000.00 bail for 1st degree assault, burglary and felony domestic violence.

According to probable cause documents filed by Everett Police the mother and step-father of the suspect were at their home in the Valley View neighborhood Tuesday night. The suspect, who does not live at the home, reportedly barged into the back of the house carrying a gun. Police say he confronted both people and pistol whipped each of them and vowed to kill them. He was reportedly speaking nonsense and both later told detectives they thought they were going to be killed

At one point the step-father was able to get to a back bedroom and reach a handgun. He fired at the suspect (his step-son) who also fired at him. Multiple shots were exchanged. The step-father was hit in the femur. The suspect ran out of the house. The step-father told police he thought he may have hit his step-son. The older couple were transported to Providence Regional Medical Center in Everett by ambulance. While they were in the E.R. the step-son arrived with a bullet wound. Police found his truck parked out on Colby next to the hospital.

Back at the house major crimes detectives found spent cartridges from two different caliber guns in the house matching the story told by the couple. The suspect was not cooperative with detectives according to the probable cause report. He received treatment for his gunshot wounds overnight and then was booked into the Snohomish County Jail Wednesday and made an initial court appearance this afternoon.

Police also wrote that the suspect’s mother and step-father have been trying to convince the suspect to seek treatment for mental health issues.


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