Revamped False Alarm Ordinance Back Before Everett City Council This Week

May 6, 2019

Everett Government


94% of alarm calls in Everett are false or unfounded.

The Police Department in Everett, Washington is taking another crack at bringing an ordinance addressing false burglar alarms before the city council. In December, 2018 Everett PD presented an ordinance that would have required everyone in the city who had a burglar alarm to register it and purchase a permit that they would have to renew every year. That idea was quickly rejected by the city council and the police department was referred to the public safety committee for refinement.

After meeting with the public safety committee in January and April of this year the Everett Police Department will be back in front of the full council with a revised ordinance this Wednesday.

A few differences this time around include:

  • Instead of all alarm owners paying an annual alarm registration fee, only users who generate false alarms will face fees.
  • Doorbell camera notifications to a homeowner would not be considered a false alarm situation.
  • The cost of alarm registrations and false alarm fines would fall directly to alarm companies and not home owners.

    You can click here to see the proposed changes and a complete copy of the revised ordinance. This Wednesday is just a city council briefing with a vote and public hearing to be set a couple weeks in the future. EPD says the reasoning behind the ordinance is to reduce the amount of time and resources spent responding to false alarms.

    EPD data from 2017 and 2018 show officers respond to an average of 406 alarm calls per month with 94 percent determined to be false or unfounded. Less than one percent of all alarm calls in Everett result in a police report documenting that a criminal act occurred. The goal of the police department is to reduce the number of false alarms by 60 to 90 percent.

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