Metro Everett May Be Getting An Office Tower With Condos At Colby and 26th

April 11, 2019

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colby tower

A preliminary drawing of what is being called Colby Tower. The owner-applicant is listed as Timothy Corpus

Plans are preliminary but a developer is considering a 10-story building that would combine office-retail on the ground, parking above that, then office space and finally condos on the top floors. This would be at the corner of 26th street and Colby Avenue in downtown Everett, Washington. Here’s a brief description from a recently filed pre-application.

Proposal is for a 10 story mixed use project in the Urban Mixed zone. The ground floor will have approximately 6,345sf of retail/office space, floors 2-4 will be parking of approximately 52 stalls, floors 5-7 will have approximately 19,486sf total of office space, and floors 8-10 will have a total of 9 2-bedroom dwelling units of approximately 22,763sf. Proposed open space includes approximately 2,845sf terrace space for the offices on the 5th floor; 1,835sf of roof top open space; and a total of 1,686sf of private deck space for the dwelling units.

This is an early concept and is subject to change. You can see more details of the plan here.


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