Public Comment Period Open For Second Clean-up At Kimberly-Clark Site

March 15, 2019



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Exhibit from Kimberly-Clark to WA Ecology

Word in yesterday from the City of Everett that the Department of Ecology is accepting public comments on a plan for a second cleaning at the site of the former Kimberly-Clark plant on the Everett waterfront.

To get a full idea of what is happening here are some links:

Click here for the link to the SEPA Environmental Checklist submitted by Kimberly-Clark

Click here for recap and links to all of the technical information from the WA Department of Ecology

Click here to submit comments electronically to the Department of Ecology by April 11, 2019

You are also invited to attend a public hearing in Everett on May 16th at 9 AM 2930 Wetmore 8th floor Everett, WA 98201.

Here is a summary of what is happening.


The Kimberly-Clark (K-C) Worldwide, Inc. Site is located at 2600 Federal Avenue in Everett, Snohomish County, Washington, adjacent to East Waterway. K-C owns approximately 56 acres of uplands and 12 acres of tidelands.

The Site was first developed in the late 1800s/early 1900s. From 1931 to 2012, it was used primarily for pulp and paper manufacturing; other uses included bulk petroleum storage operations and sawmilling. While in operation, the pulp and paper mill produced bleached sulfite pulp and various tissue products including paper towels, bath tissue, napkins and industrial wipers which are a heavier type of paper towel. All manufacturing operations at the facility ceased in April 2012 and the mill and former structures have since been demolished with the exception of the former distribution warehouse.


In December 2012, Ecology and the Potential Liable Person (PLP) – Kimberly-Clark Worldwide, Inc. – entered into an Agreed Order for Site cleanup of the uplands area. The Agreed Order required the PLP to develop a Remedial Investigation and Feasibility Study (RI/FS) work plan to evaluate the nature extent of Site contamination, an RI/FS report, and a draft Cleanup Action Plan (CAP) for upland remediation.

The in-water area of the Site is within Everett’s East Waterway and is being addressed under a separate Agreed Order (See East Waterway Site).

Work to date includes:

First Interim Action, 2013: K-C conducted an interim action in the upland portion of the Site during the mill demolition activities. As part of the interim action, K-C removed about 39,000 tons of contaminated soil and more than 6,000 gallons of petroleum contaminated water.

RI/FS: Following completion of the upland interim action, over 1,000 samples consisting of a combination of soil, groundwater, intertidal porewater, and air were collected as part of a comprehensive Remedial Investigation to assess the nature and extent of contamination in the upland area. K-C prepared and submitted a draft RI/FS report in March 2016 and collected additional data to fill data gaps that Ecology identified during their review of the draft report. The RI/FS report and draft cleanup action plan (DCAP) are expected to be completed in 2019.

The project is now entering a Second Interim Action to address additional contamination identified in the Remedial Investigation. This contamination needs to be resolved quickly to respond to pending redevelopment projects.

The planned interim action consists of:

Addressing additional contamination in upland soil.

Decommissioning inactive pipes that may discharge to upland area shallow groundwater and adjacent surface water. This includes the City of Everett’s Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) pipe that discharges at the PS04 location under the wharf.

Monitoring groundwater pH throughout the removal of crushed material (CM) on the Site, and potential implementation of contingency action(s) to neutralize groundwater pH if needed.


Ecology is holding a public comment period for the second interim action at the Kimberly-Clark Worldwide Site. A Public Participation Plan was developed as part of the main Agreed Order in 2012. This Plan was updated in February 2019. You are invited to review the following draft documents through April 11, 2019:

Draft Amended Agreed Order (AO) – A formal legal agreement between Ecology and the Potentially Liable Persons (PLPs, Kimberly-Clark Worldwide, Inc.) to provide remedial action at the Site.

Draft Interim Action Work Plan – Work plan that describes remedial actions done to partially address cleanup of the Site. This work plan is Exhibit G to the Amended Agreed Order.

SEPA determination of non-significance – Explains the possible environmental impact of a plan before taking action and the determination that impacts likely will not result in significant adverse effect. The City of Everett and Ecology are jointly issuing the SEPA determination. Review and send SEPA comments to City of Everett.

You can view the documents electronically or review them at the Everett Public Library or, by appointment, at Ecology’s office in Lacey, WA.

Comments can be submitted to Ecology about the draft Agreed Order and Interim Action Work Plan using the online form.

Or by Mail:
Andrew Kallus
Toxics Cleanup Program
PO BOX 47600
Olympia, WA 98504-7600

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