Commotion In Downtown Everett After Man Tries To Turn Old Grenade In At Jail

March 8, 2019

Police Blotter


From the SCSO Facebook page today.


This is the device left outside the jail.


An explosives tech with SCSO examines the device.


The device is removed for disposal.

Earlier today the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office posted pictures on their Facebook page of explosive items people have found and taken to local precinct offices for disposal. Because of the danger involved they are asking people not to do that.

Another example happened Friday afternoon around 1 PM in downtown Everett when a man apparently tried to turn in an old grenade into the staff at the county jail.

The man set it down on the steps outside the entrance to the jail and called 911.

He then left it outside and went into the jail to tell staff about it.

Everett Police, Snohomish County Sheriff’s deputies and Marshals blocked off access to the jail and east side of the administration building.

The man went back outside the jail and began shouting at arriving officers.

He was taken into custody by Everett Police and the bomb squad was called to make sure the device was safe.

A tech confirmed it was inert and took it for disposal.

Everett Police took the man who had the device to the hospital for a mental evaluation.

Oakes was closed between Wall and Pacific for about an hour.

Again if you have an old device call the non-emergency line at 425-407-3999 and authorities will come out to your location to take care of it and ensure a safe disposal.

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