Thousands Of New And Current Everett Boeing Employees To Get Raises

March 5, 2019

Everett Economy

Boeing Everett, WA doors

More money will be going to new and recent hires at Boeing.


From the IAM 751 website. Click to enlarge.

In a bid to make sure wages being paid to new workers aren’t greater than those being paid to workers hired in the last few years Boeing and the Machinists Union have agreed to a pay increase.

According to a message sent out to members of IAM 751 thousands of machinists in Everett and other Boeing plants will be getting a raise. The union explained to the members the following:

Our efforts focused on the company’s pay practices when hiring at pay rates above the minimum rates in order to attract new employees with specific experience. Because of some arbitrary practices, this caused members already employed at Boeing to receive pay rates less than new employees with equivalent experience. You all understand the morale issue this caused in the shop.

Pay rates for employees in grades 1 – 11 will increase by $4.00 an hour. The new hire minimum for machinists will be $15.00 an hour and Second shift differential will increase from $0.75 to $1/hour.

You can read more details on the wage increase in the AERO MECHANIC Newspaper online.

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